Our Current Series:

Given up on church,

but not on God?

We get that.

A Place Where Every Person is Welcome

Church looks a little different at Hope Fellowship. Every person has a voice. We have loving discussions (instead of sermons) about the Bible that allow us to embrace our differences and listen to each other. We believe that we are called to a community of transformation and hope. A place where those who have never been to church, have stopped going to church, or simply feel uncomfortable in church can find a home. 

Our Current Conversation now on Zoom

Jesus never asked us to start a religion or to form an organization. He gave people a simple invitation, “follow me”. When people took him up on that invitation, it often looked like walking together on a journey where people grew, experienced healing, and found hope. That is why in the earliest days of the Jesus movement, they called themselves “the way” because they recognized that they were on a journey with the Divine that was transforming their lives. Join us for these great discussions on Sunday nights at 6pm!

If you would like to join our Zoom Discussion Church, send an email to bgatton@wnccumc.net for a link!

Hope Fellowship Church is a missional Community born out of Sparta United Methodist Church.