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Meeting at Muddy Creek Music Hall every Sunday Morning at 10am

A Place Where Every Person is Welcome

Church looks a little different at Hope Fellowship. Every person has a voice. We have loving discussions (instead of sermons) about the Bible that allow us to embrace our differences and listen to each other. We believe that we are called to a community of transformation and hope. A place where those who have never been to church, have stopped going to church, or simply feel uncomfortable in church can find a home. 

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October Conversation Series

Each week we will take a look at things that we hear often, maybe you hear them so much that it "sounds" like they are in the Bible, but they aren't. The first week we will be taking a look at the phrase "God helps those who help themselves" and taking a dive into what the Bible really does say about this. And spoiler alert- its much more loving and grace-filled. 

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