Our Current Series:


A Place Where Every Person is Welcome

Church looks a little different at Hope Fellowship. Every person has a voice. We have loving discussions (instead of sermons) about the Bible that allow us to embrace our differences and listen to each other. We believe that we are called to a community of transformation and hope. A place where those who have never been to church, have stopped going to church, or simply feel uncomfortable in church can find a home. 


Our Current Conversation back in the Hope Fellowship Room starting May 30th!

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This summer we are starting a conversation series called "life in the flow". Each week we will be discussing questions about the Holy Spirit and the ways that God is at work in our everyday, normal lives. 

From conversations about how God's Spirit builds community and brings us peace to the ways that we can help to bridge divides in our world- there are a lot of ways that your perspective and your ideas can encourage and inspire each other.

Join us for the conversation, every Sunday at 6pm!